Christian Bale’s Moses Looks Like A Real Ass Kicker

Let my people go or get put in the hurt locker.

You may have forgotten that Ridley Scott has been working on a Christian Bale Moses movie called Exodus: Gods and Kings. But it did not forget about you. It remembers all.

Today brings us a series of photos from the film courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. You can tell that's where they came from because they all say Entertainment Weekly on them. The above picture is my favorite. It's a beautiful photo which catches Christian Bale's Moses in a crucial moment of deep reflection and self doubt. Just kidding, he's killing the shit out of somebody.

We also get photos of Moses about to shoot an arrow at Ben Kingsley's head, Joel Edgerton looking bald and squinty, Sigourney Weaver in some slight jewelry, and a shot of some people walking down a stairway. They look like this:

Exodus is all done filming now, so we're likely to see more and more of this stuff as time goes by. I'm super excited to see Moses finally get the hard edged movie treatment he deserves.