Houston! Join Me Tomorrow For A Screening Of ATTACK THE BLOCK

As we kick off our new series of recent cult classics!

I'm crazy excited to launch a new cult classics series with Houston Alamo Drafthouse Programming Director Robert Saucedo tomorrow. For this series, we're programming titles from the past ten or fifteen years that were possibly little-seen during their time in theaters, but that are destined to become beloved fan favorites.

We're starting, as we should, with Attack the Block. Joe Cornish's alien invasion movie has all the hallmarks of great '80s genre fare in a 2011-released, British, independent film's packaging. It's smart, fast, wildly fun, socially conscious and boasts one of the best monster designs of the past two decades. It also stars soon-to-be-STAR-WARS-huge John Boyega in a dominating role as Moses, leader of a teenage South London gang who finds himself fighting some big alien gorilla wolf motherfuckers. 

So join us tomorrow! 7:30 at Vintage Park. You can get your tickets here, and you should. Believe, bruv.