2014 Oscar Winner FOXCATCHER Gets Another Trailer

L to the OL?

Man, I just don't understand the whole Foxcatcher thing. Supposedly it is a real movie and not some unearthed Mr. Show sketch. Not only is it a real movie, but it could be a serious awards contender.

But I look at it and all I see is the unearthed Mr. Show sketch. The fact that both the guys in it are so great at being funny only makes it harder to shake this impression. If Jay Johnston shows up in a supporting role it's game over.

Until we hear otherwise, however, we will just have to confront Foxcatcher as real. It appears to be about a wrestling coach named Oswald Cobblepot who drives his young new protege, Bane, to dangerous extremes in order to win a high school wrestling trophy. I'm guessing they either die or make out at the end. I will probably find out on Wikipedia rather than in a movie theater.

But you never know. This could end up being my kind of weird, as well. We will all find out when Foxcatcher comes out this November.