HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 Trailer Tries To Fool You Yet Again

Call me when they actually start just offing jerks like crazy.

When I really don't like a movie, it's usually because it set up a bunch of stuff that should have been great only to let that golden opportunity just sit there. Horrible Bosses could have been pretty funny. And at times it almost seemed like it was getting close to being slightly humorous. But instead it was just boring and safe.

That sort of thing makes for good trailers, though, and this small trailer for Horrible Bosses 2 really makes the film look like it could supply a decent enough comedy. I mean, it ends with Jennifer Aniston telling Jason Bateman that he can poop on her chest! Motherfucker Jones is back! Kevin Spacey has a jail beard!

But that's probably as good as this film will get. And it will still likely make a bunch of money. Not mine! Well maybe mine. It does look pretty funny.