STAR WARS Fan Terrorizes Kansas Town

Salina Kansas went into lockdown when faced with an invading Storm Trooper. 

The police force of Salina, Kansas (population 47,700) scrambled into action June 29th when a man armed with a weapon, decked out in armor, was seen walking down South 7th Street. A local business owner and a veteran saw the man, wearing white full-body armor, and believed he may have a deadly weapon in his hand, so they called the cops. 

Thanks to their timely intervention Salina was spared an invasion by the Galactic Empire. The man was wearing a Storm Trooper costume and wielding a plastic blaster rifle. He was local Jimmy Johns employee Christopher Burns, who makes videos as Stormtrooper Sam. 

“Star Wars is such an iconic image, I was a little bit surprised that someone would see a Stormtrooper and fear when you know it’s been around since the 70′s,” he tells KSAL news. 


It turns out that in Kansas open carry is perfectly legal, so Stormtrooper Sam could have been waltzing around with an automatic rifle and there wouldn't have been much the cops could have done anyway. Pretty cool country, where guys in Stormtrooper suits get the attention of the poilce while other dudes are just carrying their assault rifles to go shopping at Target (the chain has finally 'requested' that its dumbest customers not bring deadly weapons into their stores, by the way). 

Here's some of Stormtrooper Sam's work: