Holy Shit! Stunning New MAX STEEL Photos

You guys said we've been too negative, so here's some positivity. 

Lately we at Badass Digest have been taken to task for being down on some upcoming movies. We haven't been particularly positive about Star Wars Episode VII or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* and readers have let us know they're kind of tired of us looking at these films through critical eyes. Like this comment today on Evan's Superman post:

We hear you, jczimskey, and we're going to fix that right now with this very positive, non-jaded look at new pictures from Max Steel


Here goes.

Oh wow! Check out these new pics from Max Steel, a totally awesome-looking movie coming out in 2015. It's based on a truly ass-kicking Mattel toy and a fully radical cartoon show (which I think is really mature when compared to other cartoon shows, and has some of the best Max Steel canon, IMO). It stars Ben Winchell (who absolutely rules it on A.N.T. Farm, which I think is a lot of fun for a Disney Channel show and really gets to the basics of whatever it is that show is about. It's pretty cool) as a kid who gets super powers. 

Man, just thinking about Max Steel makes me super nostalgic. You know you're a real 2000s kid when you remember sitting down to watch the first episode in 2000! It was pre-9/11, a totally different world, and Max Steel really brings me back to that time. Gosh, even if the movie isn't that good, I'm just happy to see Max Steel get onscreen and bring back all those old memories!

To be fair the movie is making some changes from the hardcore canon of Max Steel, but I think they're all for the best - while the cartoon was certainly a masterpiece that is way better than you think and has way more adult overtones than you realized when you first watched it, the new movie needs to be its own thing and appeal beyond the crazy, involved Max Steel fanbase. Just as long as they keep that one thing from the show I'll be happy! You know the thing, it was really popular. 

Check out this picture, which really shows how grounded and honest Max Steel is going to be. I'm excited that it looks like maybe it hurts him to punch that concrete - that's how it would be if Max Steels were in the real world! Fucking awesome. 

And check out his suit, which is so hot it is steaming! Hell yeah! I know what I'm cosplaying at at SteelConMax VIII. Yes, as the steam. 

I'm sure there are some haters out there who will have negative things to say about legendary Max Steel becoming a movie starring a Disney Channel kid, but screw that snark. Whatever happened to just loving movies and being super excited for them all the time! 

Next up I'll be bringing you news that Ken Jeong has been cast in Ride Along 2, which is getting me all PUMPED UP WITH THE LOVE OF CINEMA! YEEEEAH!


* the actual title.