David Fincher’s GONE GIRL Gets Another Beautiful Trailer

Wow. The new Tyler Perry movie looks pretty good.

Sometimes all you need is a catchy premise. Gone Girl has a pretty look and a ton of great actors in it (like Tyler Perry!), but more than anything it sets up a mystery that will kill me if I never get to see resolved. So there’s a ticket sold. I’m sure there are others.

Did Ben Affleck kill his wife? Is she even dead? Was she setting him up the whole time? Is that bastard Neil Patrick Harris in on this somehow? Also: Hey, look it’s Patrick Fugit! See? I MUST know how it all turns out and whether or not that was, in fact, Patrick Fugit.

In other words, Gone Girl has become must see material. As a David Fincher movie featuring Tyler Perry, it always was, but these trailers raise my interest even further than that. The film opens October 3.