Still Super: Brandon Routh To Appear As The Atom In ARROW Season Three

It’s a very small role. Get it? That was a very small joke.

As much as I had issues with Superman Returns, I feel bad that it ended Brandon Routh’s run as Superman. While mostly stuck doing an impression of Christopher Reeve, it was a good impression, and I would have liked to see him take that impression further.

Sadly, that was not in the cards. But Brandon Routh is still hanging in there. Today brings news that he will play yet another DC Comics superhero, the Ray Palmer version of The Atom, on the television show Arrow, which I haven’t seen but everyone seems to adore.

Arrow returns for its 3rd season on October 8, though I’m not sure when Routh’s reoccurring role will begin. In case this doesn’t make you want to watch the show, you should also know that Peter Stormare is joining the cast this year as well. And who can deny Stromare?