The Rock May Get Into The Robert Ludlum Game

But not the BOURNE game. Maybe a Board Game, though!

It’s not an action movie if The Rock doesn’t show up at some point. That’s why we can no longer call The Raid 2 an action film. It is merely a thriller. This is an MPAA thing; don’t look at me.

Hollywood (well, Universal) wants to make a new Robert Ludlum franchise since the whole Bourne thing is not really doing it for anyone. They’d like to start by adapting his book, The Janson Directive which then leads into a series of other The Name Noun books. And they would very much like to call it an action film, so they are courting The Rock to star as either Janson or Directive.

The story involves a badass guy who opens his own private security consulting firm to help save good people from bad jerks. And then stuff happens and people try to kill him. Obvious Rock material.

The talks are still early at this point, but if The Rock does join, he will also produce. Maybe that means something; I don’t know. No one’s even written the script yet, so don’t get too excited. Or if you just can’t help it, think of all the Rock movies we have on the way: Hercules, San Andreas, another Fast and Furious, another GI Joe. We have a lot of Rock coming. We be Rockin.