THE ZERO THEOREM Gets A New Trailer, Is Definitely A Terry Gilliam Movie

The new ZERO THEOREM trailer has all the hallmarks of a classic Gilliam joint. Here's hoping it's more BRAZIL than TIDELAND.

Above we've got the brand-new trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem, which will arrive (at long last) on September 19th.  It looks...well, it's immediately identifiable as a Gilliam film, that's for sure.

The eye-popping set design's there.  The enormously talented cast (with none other than Django Unchained's Christoph Waltz in the lead) is in place.  The dodgy CGI that's plagued Gilliam productions since Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas makes an appearance (or two).  There's even a distinct whiff of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys about the whole thing*, with shots of a garish dystopian future intercut with towering TV screens and Waltz' Qohen Leth strapped down and getting futzed with by a panel of oddball scientists (including Fuck Yeah Peter Stormare).

Interesting side-note:  unlike most Gilliam productions, Zero Theorem was a relatively tranquil production once it managed to get off the ground.  The project faced a few false starts (a version with Billy Bob Thornton in the lead almost went before cameras back in 2008; an even earlier iteration had Ewan McGregor in the starring role), but -- by and large -- the film came together quickly for him, on-budget and apparently just a single day over schedule.  If you know anything about Gilliam productions, you know how remarkable that is.

The film screened as the Closing Night selection at last year's Fantastic Fest, but I didn't catch it at the time.  The reviews have been decent enough that I'm looking forward to seeing it, though.  Cautiously optimistic, let's call it.  Already seen The Zero Theorem?  Feel free to dash or support that optimism in the comments below.

* = The Brazil/Twelve Monkeys thing is likely not a coincidence:  Gilliam has gone on record saying that Zero Theorem represents the third and final installment in an "Orwellian triptych" that started and continued in those films.