You’ll Believe An Elephant Can Fly: Disney Doing A Live Action DUMBO

And they got one of the writers of TRANSFORMERS to script it. For some reason. 

Disney continues raiding their classic cartoon vaults for live action adaptations. As Maleficent makes money, Cinderella finishes post-production and Beauty and the Beast ramps up to shoot, the Mouse House has turned its attention to Dumbo. That'll be getting a live action adaptation with a script by none other than Ehren Kruger, a guy who is either the worst living screenwriter (credits: Blood and ChocolateTransformers 2-4, The Brothers Grimm) or a good writer who is just happy to be a studio hack (credits: Arlington Road, The Ring). Either way, he hasn't been associated with a movie worth your time in over ten years. Sometimes I think that Ehren Kruger's greatest skill is writing shitty, awful, offensively bad movies and then getting everybody to forget he was involved.

What will his Dumbo be like? Who knows - the film could go the bad, dark route of Maleficent or the route of Cinderella, which looks to be more true to the tone of the original cartoon. According to the Hollywood Reporter there's going to be a family story added to the structure, so I guess this will have less of a rape metaphor thing than Maleficent did. As for the live action aspect: there's going to be so much CGI in a Dumbo live action film that I almost don't see the point of having it be live action, but then again I'm not the guy in charge of mining Disney's IPs for new product and for ways to continue outsmarting copyright law.