MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 May Have Found Some New Faces

Did you forget about this movie? That’s unpossible!

What a world. There was a time when I thought the Mission Impossible series was just about the worst vanity series out there. That time was lasted from about five minutes after my first watch of Mission Impossible 2 until the first few moments of Mission Impossible 3 only to come back and leave several times during that movie. It stayed at kind of a simmer until Mission Impossible 4 suddenly made this one of the best vanity series that ever existed. This is how you know I’m a movie twerp: I’m both fickle and hyperbolic.

Anyway, I normally wouldn’t be saying this, but I’m kind of excited to see what Christopher McQuarrie does with the next Mission Impossible entry. Whatever it is, Deadline thinks it’ll involve Alec Baldwin.

According to the site, Baldwin is in talks to join the film as a bossy older guy type, much like the character Laurence Fishburne played in Mission Impossible 3. I imagine he can probably do that very well, though it’s not something he’s ever tried before.

But that’s not all! Variety reports that White Queen and Hercules actress Rebecca Ferguson is everyone’s choice to play MAIN FEMALE. I hope she gets it!

If these actors do join the film, they will be in the company of Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and for some reason, Jeremy Renner. They may even get to experience the glory of a brief Ving Rhames cameo, an obvious career highlight for any actor.