Is TRUE DETECTIVE Set To Rehabilitate Colin Farrell’s And Taylor Kitsch’s Careers?

Casting talks suggest the HBO show is becoming the Tarantino-esque “comeback springboard” of this decade.

Today The Wrap reports that Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are in talks to star in season two of HBO’s True Detective. Kind of underwhelming news at first blush! Farrell is often as good as his material, but is maybe a touch tarnished in geeks’ eyes after saying yes to one 80s remake too many. But if Farrell is a wobbly choice, Kitsch is a genuine underdog, a guy once poised to be huge before Disney bungled the marketing on his would-be franchise, John Carter (Of Mars).

But hang on. What were Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson doing before True Detective turned them into our steady Sunday night dates and sworn enemies come Emmy night? Okay, McConaughey was already having a good year or two, but BEFORE that? In the 00s, both his and Harrelson’s careers were not unlike Farrell’s at the moment - decent movies mixed with misfires and paycheck gigs, but with more noise than signal, and folks weren’t really talking about them too much anymore. This was only six years ago, friends, and I don't recall too much blogger ink being spent on it:

But much like Pulp Fiction revived John Travolta twenty years ago, True Detective brought both its actors back into the conversation in a BIG way this year. With today’s chatter about Farrell and Kitsch, one can’t help but wonder if this is going to be True Detective’s casting MO: plugging in name actors we know and love who’ve perhaps fallen from grace a bit, their very presence informing their characters with a meta need for redemption? Who the fuck knows. It’s fun to think about, though. It’s not hard to see Farrell bringing that vibe; Kitsch, for whom I have no strong feelings, might have a little more to prove. But I'm in, especially if, as murmured about earlier this week, William Friedkin is directing. I mean, come on. As big as season one's shoes are going to be to fill, the audience is theirs to lose next season.

If True Detective really is turning into a kind of Actor Cred Rehab, who else fits that bill? Let’s keep Shia off the table for now and wonder which actresses’ names (Linda Fiorentino? Carla Gugino? Rosario Dawson?) we might start hearing mentioned soon.