Our Daily Trailer: SHAKMA

Let's close out Monkey Week with a rampaging deadly beast.


The movie, where a group of students involved in a role playing game get picked off by a genetically mutated baboon, isn't as good as the trailer, which is weirdly paced and ends on such a magical note. It stars Christopher Atkins, who had become briefly famous alongside Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon but whose career never quite took off in the same way. And Shakma fits nicely into our Planet of the Apes-themed week because Roddy McDowell, who played three different chimps in that universe, co-stars. 

One piece of trivia about Shakma that always amuses me: that scene where the baboon is going ape (sorry) against the door was achieved by hiding a female baboon in heat on the other side. You can see Shakma's erect penis in the movie - the poor animal is being driven out of his mind by lust. 

The magic of the movies!