Steven Soderbergh To Direct The Shit Out Of THE KNICK Season Two

That’s ten more episodes of solid Soderbergh.

On August 8, Cinemax will deliver The Knick, a ten episode series starring Clive Owen about how awful it was to be a doctor back in 1900. Cleanliness standards were atrocious, we only had sharpened rocks and wood for surgical instruments, and people still believed in “bleeding” to alleviate the humors or whatever. Imagine the emotional stress of being a doctor at a time when a 10% patient survival rate is considered exemplary! Well, now you don’t have to because there’s a show!

Anyway, that show, all ten episodes of it, was directed by the totally retired Steven Soderbergh. And today we learn that there will be a second season, and it too will be directed by the totally retired Soderbergh:

I’m going to do all 10 — you’re seeing a trend now of … a sense that there’s a positive aspect to having a visual language that’s very specific and very unified throughout the show. It’s not only creatively satisfying, but also, practically speaking, better … in terms of economics … we schedule it like a film.

That’s twenty full hours of totally retired Soderbergh action. He doesn’t make movies anymore; he just makes everything else. And it’s awesome! If it’s awesome, that is.