Our Daily Trailer: BACKBEAT

Evan kicks off Rock Week with this film about the Beatle God didn’t like.

At this stage in my life, I can no longer be sure that Backbeat is even a good movie. But I can tell you that I watched the shit out of it when I was young. So I either thought it was a good movie then or just enjoyed watching Beatles having sex too much to care.

Backbeat focuses on The Beatles when they were just playing clubs and learning how to shake their heads and be cute. It mostly tells the story of ill-fated original Beatle, Stuart Sutcliffe, played by a slightly anachronistic and (I’m going on half memory, half assumption here) obnoxious Stephen Dorff. Stu was never much of a Beatle, you see. He was a true artist, not some piece of boy band property. Plus his name was hard to say. The band wants to kick him out, but John Lennon won’t have it. So God just kills him. Let’s see John Lennon argue with THAT!

The Sutcliffe stuff takes up most of the film, but the real joy here is Ian Hart’s big asshole John Lennon performance. It doesn’t matter what Hart does, he will always be mean John Lennon to me. He's such a snarly bitchy twerp in this movie.

Unfortunately, this trailer only focuses on good time rock and roll music, so you don’t get much sense of the actual movie. It also has German title cards. But they are fun because you can just almost figure out what they mean in English.