This Older, Grumpier DOCTOR WHO Might Be A Total Softy

Check out this weekend’s big DOCTOR WHO trailer.

Yesterday a big, new trailer came out for this year’s much anticipated season of the long-running series, Doctor Who. As someone who’s only a 30% huge fan of this show, I have to admit that it looks pretty exciting.

Part of that is obviously the inclusion of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. According to this trailer, Capaldi will be bringing his mean face and scruff delivery to a character who walks around asking everyone if he’s a nice guy. He also plans to right a bunch of his past wrongs as he star treks into darkness. And he’s going to plant trees and open orphanages as he goes. I’m sure there will be a dark side to this Doctor, but right now he’s looking like a big ol’ softy.

Meanwhile, as this trailer quickly cuts through all the crazy stuff we’ll see this year, I’m also reminded of the hypothetical excitement this show offers when it’s firing on all cylinders. Pretty much any goddamn thing can happen. You can have spaceships in one shot, some kind of weird phlegm alien in another, a talking fart in the next, and then a dinosaur. I just wish the show weren’t so frequently boring.

Ben Wheatley directed the first two episodes of this season, so I will definitely get a good look at this new Doctor when the show premieres August 23. Whether I stick around is another story.