Christian Bale In Talks To Play Beach Bum Badass In THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY

Jack Reacher could take him.

We already heard that James Mangold wanted to adapt John D. MacDonald’s 1964 novel The Deep Blue Good-By. This would introduce the cinematic world to beach bum badass Travis McGee. There’s even a script for it written by Dennis Lehane. But until a star gets involved how are people supposed to get excited?

Well, it looks like a star is now involved. Variety reports that Christian Bale wants to be in the film. The talks are currently labeled “early,” so it’s definitely not a done deal. If Bale does join, this would turn into kind of a big deal for the film. And then it would get made. And then we could see it. And then I will finally know if a beach bum named Travis McGee is really all that awesome. And then he will fight Jack Reacher.

The only question is whether Christian Bale can really pull of that scraggly beach bum look. The actor has normally shied away from roles that require him to look like anything less than a healthy billionaire with great hair. This could be interesting.