Guys Who Were Heavily Rewritten on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Writing POWER RANGERS

And Bob Orci is producing. 

If you care about a Power Rangers movie, I have two pieces of bad news for you:

1) You've got a brain tumor, because I can't think of another reason why a person who is able to read would be excited about a Power Rangers movie


2) Bob Orci is producing it and it's being written by Zack Stents and Ashley Miller. 

But wait, you say, those guys wrote X-Men: First Class, and you liked it! They also wrote Thor. Well, yeah, they sort of did. They certainly have credit on those movies at any rate. Don Payne was the last guy on Thor,and we all know that Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn are responsible for what you actually see onscreen in X-Men: First Class. Does this mean Stentz and Miller are no good? I have no idea! They worked on Fringe and Andromeda and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, not a single one of which I watched, but I know a bunch of you guys like them. 

Of course the fact that Bob Orci is developing the story with these two is enough reason to expect this to be a piece of unbearable shit. The fact that it's Power Rangers is simply icing on that piece of shit. Shit icing.