Here’s The First Trailer For Alexandre Aja’s HORNS

Probably not going to be a lot of middle ground with this one.

We've finally got a trailer for Alexandre Aja's Horns, based on the Joe Hill novel of the same name. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Ignatius "Ig" Perrish ("Iggy" was his childhood nickname, thank you very much; he's an adult now and would appreciate it if you took him a bit more seriously), who wakes up one day to discover a pair of leftover Pan's Labyrinth prosthetics growing out of his head.

This development occurs sometime after the rape and murder of Ig's girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple), a crime the local townsfolk have long since decided Ig is most likely guilty of. As you can imagine, the sudden appearance of horns on Ig's forehead doesn't go over very well with them. Can Ig prove his innocence? Did he maybe kill Merrin after all? Where'd the horns come from, anyway? Only by seeing this movie will you have these questions answered. Or by reading the book, I guess. Maybe do both? It's your life, man.

Horns debuted to mixed reviews at last year's TIFF, with most of the naysayers calling out the film's inconsistent tone as its biggest flaw. I'll withhold judgement until I've had a chance to see it, of course. Even if the rest of Aja's filmography hasn't exactly earned the benefit of that doubt, I am a fan of Hill's work, and I like Radcliffe in general (shout out to his Extras episode).

Oh, by the way:  Dimension released the first official poster for the film last week. Here's what that looked like: