BioWare Wants Your Input On The Next MASS EFFECT

Do a quick survey instead of joining the "ending sucked" echo chamber.

The next Mass Effect game is in production now. It will not be titled Mass Effect 4; it is not a prequel or sequel to the existing trilogy. What it is is unfinished - it hasn't even been properly unveiled yet, which means anything could happen. Accordingly, BioWare wants some input, and they want it from you, asshole.

Okay, the survey isn't out for specific suggestions, per se. It's very brief and mostly about your game-playing habits and what you enjoy about RPGs. So we can safely assume that Mass Effect Not-4 will be an RPG, if we didn't already. The survey also asks about your cosplay preferences, so it seems likely that characters in the game will wear things. You heard it here first.

What do I want from Mass Effect Not-4? As boring an answer as this is: more of the same. Or rather, more of the same, but with more personal stakes. Mass Effect 3 reached a really satisfying balance of action, character and narrative for me, and were I a developer I'd be terrified to mess with that balance. But you can only prevent galactic destruction so many times before it becomes rote. I may have sat back in my chair at the ending (which I loved) and whispered, through tears, "I did it! I saved the galaxy," but I'm not likely to repeat that performance, now that I've typed it out for the whole world to mock. To hell with the galaxy - let us save a character, or a relationship, or a community. Something that matters to the protagonist on a personal level. While we're at it, let's explore through eyes different to Commander Shepard's - who, despite copious customisation and dialogue options, remained at his/her core a stoic hero figure onto which players projected themselves.  And while the fans may want a playable Blasto 6: Partners In Crime, don't listen to them. Tell a survival story! Or a story about a non-military character! The Mass Effect universe is as deep, compelling and full of potential as any other - there are countless unique, personal stories that could be told. Tell them.

BioWare will be at San Diego ComicCon next weekend, talking about Mass Effect Not-4. I will not be there, but I will be thinking jealous, venomous thoughts towards all who are, which is almost as good. But before they make whatever announcements they're going to make, lend BioWare your survey responses here, and let's talk in the comments.