LAGGIES Trailer Shows Latest Entry In Womanchild Stories

Men no longer have the exclusive on refusing to grow up.

It was called Peter Pan Syndrome, and it pretty much just applied to men: they refused to grow up. At first we as a culture hated it, and then we grew to embrace it and then it became a totally cliched part of our movie and TV landscape. You can't even talk about manchildren without rolling your eyes anymore. 

But what about the ladies? If, as Jay-Z posits, ladies is pimps too can't ladies be arrested adolescents as well? Laggies is the latest film to tackle this (check out Obvious Child and Girls for other examples of chronologically adult women acting like teens), giving Keira Knightley a life crisis that sends her to hang out and have sleepovers with Chloe Grace-Moretz. And in those sleepovers she meets Sam Rockwell, playing the together-but-fun role that is usually filled by a woman opposite Seth Rogen. 

Does this tired "not growing up/finding yourself" plot become more interesting when there's a woman at the center? Is it a sign of equality that we're allowing fictional women to be just as useless and emotionally backwards as our fictional men? Does this mean we're going to start seeing beer commercials where slovenly women throw popcorn around the room watching movies while their suffering husbands clean up in the background?

What does this mean for Kevin James?