Don’t Act Like You Don’t Want To See This First Image From PIXELS

More Dinklage Rulage.

Listen. I know about Adam Sandler movies. They are often hard to like. But every once in a while, he comes out with something that shows promise. Whether it achieves that promise is another matter entirely.

I have hope for Pixels, the upcoming Adam Sandler movie in which he, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage play badass gamers who must fight classic video game characters as they attempt to beat New York to a pulp. On one hand, this is a movie where Kevin James plays the President. On the other hand, Michelle Monoghan.

Whether you’re sold or not, the film is coming out. And today, Entertainment Weekly offers a first image. In it, we see four people. One of them is Peter Dinklage, and his look basically guarantees one ticket sold. Hopefully I don’t end up feeling like a chump when Pixels comes out May 15, 2015.