Mark Romanek In Talks For Totally Backlash-Proof SHINING Prequel, OVERLOOK HOTEL

He may need all the Roma-luck he can Roma-get.

Stephen King originally had a prologue to The Shining that he ended up cutting from the book. They’re making a movie out of it, or maybe just guessing, called Overlook Hotel, which would tell the dumb hotel’s dumb origin. From what I’ve heard, it will probably turn into a pseudo-The Shining remake halfway through.

This does not seem like a movie people are clambering for, but it’s happening anyway. Ex-The Walking Dead writer Glen Mazzara turned in a script, and Warner Bros. needs a director. According to Variety, that director could be Never Let Me Go’s Mark Romanek.

It’s not a done deal yet, and Romanek also has the Casey Affleck film, Boston Strangler, to deal with, but were the director to take this on, I imagine it might mitigate concerns about the project a bit. At least for me. It’s still a big if, however. Romanek has a tendency to detach himself from projects late in the game.