JJ Abrams Shows Off More Practical STAR WARS Stuff In New Charity Ad

This time, an X-Wing!

Last time JJ Abrams made an appeal on behalf of the Force for Change charity, we got to see a cool practical alien guy. This time, we get to see an entire X-Wing, an X-Wing pilot, and one of those little black boxes that roll by sometimes in Star Wars films.

The X-Wing is pretty big, so the camera has to keep zooming out to reveal it. This means poor JJ an and his well-meaning message kind of get lost as the ad continues. The whole thing has something to do with setting up an early Star Wars screening as a prize or something.

You can kind of keep track of what he's saying, but then the X-Wing cockpit door opens and you find yourself even more distracted by fear that it will chomp down on what ever legs dare enter its maw. I would watch the video again to get a better idea of what JJ's going on about, but I already saw the X-Wing.