Our Daily Trailer: THE WOLFMAN

Evan kicks off Hall H Casualties Week with this somewhat forgotten half-gem.

When Universal brought The Wolfman to Comic-con in 2008 (with Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Rick Baker in attendance), everyone had high hopes for the April 2009 film. It had a big star, a classic premise, an evil Anthony Hopkins, and a practical Wolfman sure to please fans everywhere.

But then trouble hit the project, and The Wolfman did not hit theaters until almost a year after its due date. In February 2010, audiences finally got a chance to see this updated version of their favorite dog guy and mostly chose to stay home instead. I think they made a bad choice. The Wolfman is not really a good movie. It’s slow and boring and a little too melancholy for its own good. But none of that matters because once it becomes a surprisingly violent werewolf movie, it ramps up the fun too high to just dismiss. I didn’t end up seeing it until 2012, and I ended up watching it twice in a row.

The Wolfman was also one of those movies with a seriously ubiquitous trailer. The one above is not actually the one I saw a million times in theaters, but it’s pretty close. Neither trailer really sell the film as something you just have to see, so it makes sense that few felt compelled to check it out. But back in Hall H, poor Wolfman had the world in its paws. A simpler time. A more innocent time. Woe.