BOND 24 Locations Leaked?

Loose-lipped crew member drops destinations on Instagram.

Admit it: one of the most fun things about social media is watching older folks who don’t know how it works navigate the landscape. Whether it’s your aunt having theological arguments with her kids on Facebook, former game show hosts searching their own names on Twitter, or that guy who keeps posting pictures of his penis without realizing that everyone can see it, watching Boomers figure out the internet is always good for a laugh. And sometimes, today for example, it’s good for some Bond news!

007 stunt coordinator and Badass Real Man Gary Powell is too busy figuring out death-defying set pieces to be bothered with the niceties of social media and NDAs. He’s living life, making things happen, and ensuring the on-set survival of Daniel Craig. Do you think he sits around worrying about “likes” and “favs” and emojis? Absolutely not. Over on his Instagram the other day, he posted a harmless photo from a private jet, of Bond 24’s second unit director Alexander Witt and executive producer Callum McDougall heading to a location scout. He just posted the pic and went about his day! And when someone said “Where you off to?”, he didn’t think twice about saying “Morocco, Rome, Austria.” Big whoop, Powell probably thought.

And why wouldn't he? It’s all trivial nonsense to a real man like Powell. But to nerd bloggers like me, who sit in darkened rooms waiting for these details, our complexions not unlike things that live at the bottom of the ocean, this is a BOMBSHELL! We now have what is likely a partial list of locations for Bond 24.

Believe it or not, the cinematic Bond has never been to Rome, though his literary counterpart visited the city in the short story "Risico." Interestingly, that's one of the few Fleming titles not used as a film title; hmm. Timothy Dalton knocked around Morocco for a hot minute in The Living Daylights. And while I know Austria probably has a bunch of great stuff to do (including, as seen in Quantum Of Solace, a pretty dope opera house), that faint sound you just heard is an army of sickly Bond geeks hoping Craig’s 007 is getting his own ski chase sequence. And that's a prospect that all of us - me, you, Powell, hell, even Mr. Craig himself - must find pretty smile-inducing.

Mr. Powell’s photo and comment have since been deleted from Instagram, but Google it. It happened.