Shit’s About To Go Down In This Awesome MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Poster

Start freaking out.

Comic-con is pretty much upon us. You can tell because everyone’s already dumping their big, exciting posters. And the biggest, most exciting poster of all (if your name is Me Saathoff) belongs to Mad Max: Fury Road. And here it is! Now I can just go back home.

This washed out, dusty poster bodes well for the plot of Fury Road. Max is a mad guy. He’s all by himself. And he has to fight a shitload of knuckleheads. Preferably with crazy automobiles. That’s pretty much all we need, and that’s pretty much all this poster gives us. And I am pretty much ecstatic.

We and every other site online will have a lot more to say about Fury Road as Comic-Con progresses. Consider this an appetizer. Probably some kind of southwestern-themed dip.