Shit’s About To Go Down In This Awesome THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES Poster

That bow and arrow guy’s about to get eaten.

Well if we’re going to have a Hobbit trilogy no one really wanted shoved down our throats, the least we can do is hope for one of them to be truly awesome. In a weird passive way, I kind of like these films, but none of them really wow me all that much. Maybe things will change with part three. I mean, it’s all about a battle. Between five armies. That’s three more than I’m used to!

And I have to admit that this first poster for the film is pretty badass. In it, we see snobby boring dragon SmOWg as he’s about to chow down on that guy from Hobbit 2 with the bow and arrow. I’m sure he had a name, but I don’t remember it. I don’t even remember his face.

I like that they call this “The Defining Chapter” since it’s the superfluous one. It’s good to just give up and own up to what you are, sometimes. Speaking of which, I got this from /Film where you can find a fun visual comparison between this and about a hundred other posters.

Of course, we’ll have more Hobbt 3 news as it hits this week at Comic-Con.