SDCC: Check Out BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Batfleck Batface

He’s just waiting so hard for that justice to dawn.

If you were at the San Diego Comic-Con right now, you could spend your day swimming through people and maybe find your way to DC Comic’s big Batman exhibit. Once there, you can marvel at a great many things but mostly Batman costumes. Even the new one. It looks like this (taken from /Film because I’m a dummy who didn’t think to take my own damn picture):

Not only that, but there's a wall of various Batman photos, one of which is actually a new photo of Ben Affleck's Batman (you can kind of get an idea of what that looks like here). Now the photo is actually out. You could come all the way to the con and accidentally stumble upon this whole thing from 20 squinting feet away, or you could just look at the top of the page. Believe me, the con is fun because I'm here and I love to party like Alf, but as far as seeing this image goes, you're way better off just checking it out on your computer screen.

So there's another shot of your sad Batman. Give him a hug or something because he does not seem to be doing well.