SDCC: The New LEPRECHAUN Does Not Give A Shit About The Old LEPRECHAUN

But does anyone, really?

If there was ever any doubt that WWE’s remake - or “rebirth” as actor Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl prefers we call it - was going to do away with any lingering camp or fun that we might of eked out from the original franchise, you can definitely rest assured that this is going to be about as full-on horror as a movie about a killer leprechaun can get.

“I have never seen any of the Leprechaun movies,” claims Hornswaggle. “I’m glad, I didn’t watch them. I might watch them sometime, but I would have taken nothing from them for what we were trying to do with our film, it is so totally different.”

In two roundtable interviews, one with Hornswoggle and one with director Zack Lipovsky, that was the unifying battle cry. This movie is not going to be silly, this movie is not going to be funny, this movie is not going to involve limericks or any of that nonsense. This movie somehow wants to scare the crap out of you.

How are they going to do that? I have no idea. All answers to that regard just revolved around not doing Warwick Davis’ Leprechaun schtick and little else. Lipovsky also seems to be going for a slow reveal with this Leprechaun, which means we probably won’t be seeing him as much as we’d like. There will also be a lot of deaths that revolve around gold somehow, which sounds pretty old school silly to me.

More than anything, there seemed to be an unwillingness for anyone to acknowledge how hard it’s going to be to get people to take this little guy seriously, which makes me wonder if they actually pulled it off. There’s a real sense that this film may end up being hilarious whether WWE wants it to or not.