SDCC: GAME OF THRONE’s Maisie Williams In Talks For LAST OF US Movie

The video game movie gets some serious momentum at Comic-Con.

Screen Gems surprised the Hall H crowd at San Diego Comic-Con by bringing Sam Raimi and Neil Druckman to the stage to discuss the upcoming Last of Us movie. Raimi is producing the video game adaptation and Druckman, the writer and creator of the game, is writing it. 

It's still early - the movie is years away and they don't have a director yet - but Druckman announced the actress with whom they met for the role of Ellie, the 14-year old post-apocalyptic survivor: Maisie Williams, known for her role as Game of Thrones's Arya Stark. That's a pretty exciting bit of news, and feels like excellent casting. Nothing is set in stone, though - Druckman said they had only met for coffee. He asked fans to badger her about it at the upcoming Game of Thrones panel.

As for the movie itself, Raimi says it'll be quite faithful. “What’s unique is that Neil’s writing the script. I have a great deal of confidence we’re going to end up with a script that’s true to the strengths of the game.”

It turns out that Druckman wanted to change things more than Raimi does. “We talked about a very different ending,” he explained. “[Raimi] convinced me to go back to the original experience. It doesn’t need to be different.” In fact Raimi joked to him “I thought I was going to have to protect this movie from producers. It looks like I’m going to have to protect it from you.”