SDCC: Holy Shit, This HORNS Trailer Is Badass

“Damn right they’re horns.”

I was sadly unable to catch the Horns Hall H panel earlier today, but lucky for the rest of us, Comic-Con only gives people a five minute head start on a lot of this stuff, and we can already bask in this wonderful trailer for the film.

So Horns is all about a guy who may have killed his girlfriend and then grows horns. How do you not love that?

This trailer is funny, weird, and even a little badass. Craziest of all is Daniel Radcliffe’s kind of amazing American accent. It’s like listening to a different person. Somehow a little thing like seems to take the Harry Potter right out of him and the guy left over is actually way cooler than suspected.

Horns comes out, of course, October 31. I believe I will be there.