SDCC: THE MAZE RUNNER Aims To Be A Male-Centric Action-Packed Madhouse

Even the girl is just one of the guys, guys.

Many questions were asked at today’s The Maze Runner press conference, but the best focused on how the film intended to aver its own identity in a movie field full of Young Adult adaptations, The Hunger Games in particular.

Director Wes Ball made his intentions in this regard quite clear. I don’t have an exact quote because I’m just not ready to put my recording device (my phone) into an obnoxious dogpile of other phones for fear that it will procreate, and I’ll be stuck with an annoying baby phone that barely works.

That’s okay because a good gist is all I need. The Maze Runner is going to make its mark by focusing on action from beginning to end (so the guy claims). Ball listed movies like Aliens and Jurassic Park as influences, which his funny because yesterday I listened to the guy who directed Leprechaun Origins call Jurassic Park that film’s primary influence as well.

Ball also claimed that The Maze Runner would be a lot more male-centric than most other Young Adult movies. He even pointed at actress Kaya Scodelario and called her one of the guys. I imagine fans of the book probably know this already. Whether it’s a good thing or not is another story. I kind of like how many strong female movie characters these adaptations tend to give us.

I am excited about the action extravaganza part, however. Hopefully there are more explosions in this one than in Labyrinth. If I understand correctly, the characters are all running. So that’s a good start.