SDCC: How Ron Perlman Saved The BOOK OF LIFE Press Conference

This story ends with the words “Fuck you.”

The Book of Life press conference didn’t actually need saving. Guillermo del Toro was talking like crazy about Mexican cinema. Writer/director Jorge Gutierrez was relaxed and full of charm. Christina Applegate admitted that she loved doing voice work because it means she doesn’t have to put on makeup, take a shower, or brush her teeth. Channing Tatum mostly just hung out, but that’s good enough for most people when it comes to Channing Tatum. And then there was Ron Perlman, just sitting there looking grumpy and chomping gum.

But it was still a press conference. Unlike big exciting panels, these press conferences are kind of rough. There’s no footage, and most of the questions being asked are boring or goofy or both.

For instance, some knucklehead decided it’s be a good idea to ask everyone to explain why people should see The Book of Life and what they should take away from it if they do - in one word.

And they really gave it a shot. We got words like “Journey,” “Mustache,” “Spicy,” and “Life.” But then, Christina Applegate nominated “Magical.” Without missing a beat, Ron Perlman finally woke up and asked if she just said “Vaginal.”

He then addressed the guy asking this question and told him the word he’d go with was “Dazzling.” But he was not done yet. “And I’ll tell you why. I know you wanted one word, but fuck you…”

So that is how Ron Perlman saved the Book of Life press conference. It was awesome.