SDCC: It Is Finally Time For The TUSK Trailer

Kevin Smith is up to something both weird and weirdly familiar.

Based on this newly released trailer for Tusk, it now seems safe to say that Kevin Smith no longer makes Kevin Smith movies. Now he makes strange undefinable movies. I suppose I have to respect that, even if I don’t like the movies.

But maybe I’ll like Tusk. I’m not really sure what’s going on here tonally, but it seems just odd enough to entertain a little. Or it could be like Red State.

Justin Long plays a hilariously mustached podcaster who interviews Michael Parks because he apparently does not yet know that he’s a movie character and all movie characters are better off just running away from Michael Parks as fast as possible. Sure enough, Parks drugs his drink and makes him spend the rest of the running time in a Human Centipede xerox.

It’s all sort of jokey, and then it gets all sort of screamy, and then it tags out with a Canada joke that mixes the two. Who knows how this will end up? But I do want to see what the walrus looks like.

Smith revealed the trailer yesterday in Hall H and with it came the news that Tusk would be the first of a trilogy of Canadian films he plans to make. This “The True North Trilogy” will also include Yoga Hosers, which we’ve already heard about, and Moose Jaws, which is new to me. It is apparently like Jaws but with a moose. Shaking my head.