SDCC: JUPITER ASCENDING Proves The Wachowskis Keep Making Movies Just For Us

A big scifi film that looks unlike any other movie you've ever seen. 

I was already sold on Jupiter Ascending from the moment it was announced, but the latest footage presentation in Hall H at this year’s Comic-Con got me even more profoundly excited for the Wachowski’s next film - which I didn’t even think would be possible.

Rather than give you a blow-by-blow of the footage (which I couldn’t do if I wanted to, I’m bad at taking notes) let me tell you what the stuff we saw reminded me of:

Paperback book covers from the 70s. Elaborate, feasible giant spaceships rising through the rings of an alien world. A dragon man. Vast spacescapes of orbital stations. It’s the huge imagination of books like Dune (and I get more than a small Dune vibe, although not in the obvious and surface-level ways). It gave me the chills you get when you’re in a used book store, nostrils filled with that musty paper smell, and you find a book in the stacks that has a painted cover so beautiful, so magical, so crammed with imagination that you assume the forgotten book within it can never hope to compete with the world that suddenly popped into your head.

Also, the footage had a scene where Channing Tatum, who is a dog man, is fist-fighting the dragon man.

I’m ready.