SDCC: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Debuts Synapse-Searing Footage

This movie looks INCREDIBLE. 

I don't even know how to describe the Mad Max: Fury Road footage that screened in Hall H at Comic-Con this morning. It was a fairly quick-cut montage that sketched the basic outline of the story but also get a sense of the practical, brutal and inventive action that is going to burn up movie screens next year. 

The footage began with a two headed lizard scampering across the sand to Max, who stands with his back to the camera. Max stomps on the lizard, saying in voice over "My world is fire." And then a chase begins, as maniacs in dune buggies explode his Interceptor and capture him. His long hair is shorn, he is foribly tattooed on his back and he is placed in chains at the front of a car with a cage over his face. And then they drive off. 

That's where Max starts the movie, it seems, and along the way it gets fucking nuts. There's an extended sequence where Max, chained to the back of a car, is fighting a huge white painted dude while in a chase inside a fucking tornado swarm; other cars get sucked up into the funnels and explode bodies. The driver of his car takes a huff of spraypaint, fills his vehicle with gas and lights a road flare. 

The Hughes Keyes-Byrne character, The Immortan Joe, is unreal looking, with flowing white hair and a menacing skull mask. He's a maniac. Charlize Theron is a lithe killer introduced sniping guys off motorcycles at a distance, leading a group of beautiful women. And the cars! The chases! There are scenes with crazed post-apocalyptic maniacs on bending poles attached to speeding vehicles, and they swoop in from above to attack other cars. People fall in front of trucks and explode. Max says one of his sixteen lines in this footage (sixteen lines confirmed by George Miller!). 

It's largely practical, it's all huge and it's as imaginative and exciting as The Road Warrior. This looks like the real sequel to The Road Warrior we wanted back when Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome came out. This footage thrilled me, had me laughing and cheering at the brutal and senseless violence and gave me that classic Mad Max feeling: did they actually kill guys when making this absolutely beautiful mayhem?