SDCC: How Chris Evans Stopped Worrying About Logic And Learned To Love SNOWPIERCER

Follow this man’s lead. He plays Captain America, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Yesterday I was invited to a somewhat small group interview with actor Chris Evans. We were only allowed to ask questions about Snowpiercer, but that didn’t really matter because we all love Snowpiercer, and it’s a movie that provides a lot to discuss. The interview in its entirety will run later this week, but I wanted to highlight one portion in particular since it directly addresses an aspect of Snowpiercer a lot of people seem to have a problem with. Primarily, “Hey man, this movie doesn’t make any goddamn sense.”

Early in the interview, Evans mentioned aspects of the script that confused him. When pressed to specify which parts, he responded with this:

All of them. One of the big problems I had at the beginning of the movie was I wanted more explanation. How did this happen? I just wanted more info. What was the experience? Where was this train when the Earth froze? Was the train in one spot? Did everyone clamber on at once? My rational mind wanted more clarity. But you bring these things up to Bong, and it almost kind of felt to him like that stuff’s not necessary. He saw a bigger picture. He saw something broader, something more beautiful and artistic than my mind could grasp on paper. And ultimately it did make sense.

So there you go. If Chris Evans can learn to let rational thought go and just enjoy a great film, so can you.

As I said before, look for the rest of the interview to arrive later this week. It’s a good one.