SDCC: We Obsessively Break Down The MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Trailer

You've watched (and rewatched) that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD trailer about a dozen times. Here's what you missed.

Heading into this year's SDCC, we had a pretty good idea what to expect.  Something from Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice would get everyone frothing at the mouth, Warner Bros. would probably offer up a look at George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, and Marvel would trot out the Avengers 2 cast (and, in all likelihood, some exclusive footage) to thunderous applause, ending the day on a high note.  This was stuff everyone predicted, and -- for the most part -- that's exactly how things went down in Hall H yesterday.

With one notable exception:  the Mad Max footage played like fucking gangbusters, way better than anyone could have reasonably hoped for.  I kept an eye on my Twitter feed all afternoon, and nothing-- not even the Frank Miller-inspired SupeBuster armor glimpsed in the Batman VS. Superman teaser-- seemed to have the same impact that the Mad Max footage did.  Speaking as a film geek who has always considered Mad Max to be his jam, this development was tremendously exciting.

Perhaps sensing the opportunity to build on Mad Max: Fury Road's already-skyrocketing hype, Warner Bros. released a slightly abbreviated version of the Hall H footage earlier today.  If I was excited before, I was straight-up overwhelmed upon actually seeing it.  I don't know what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect to get choked up with unadulterated joy while watching it.  If you haven't seen the clip yet, watch it here before moving on.

Holy shit, right?

Well, if you're anything like me, you followed up your viewing of the Mad Max footage by another viewing.  And another.  And maybe five more, just for good measure.  And maybe then you started taking screencaps of the goddamn thing, because there's just so much amazing detail packed into every frame that you felt like, "Well, if I'm really gonna wallow in it, it'd probably be prudent to do that via stills."  And maybe that's when you noticed a few easter eggs/details that seemed like they'd be worth sharing.

Here's a few such moments you may have missed.

Mad Max: Fury Road's actually a prequel, and plays out basically as one, long "feature-length chase scene." Here we see Max (now played by Tom Hardy) standing next to the same Pursuit Special that'll later be destroyed in The Road Warrior.

Marauders chase Max across the Wastes, presumably using these fantastic-looking flares/powder-charges to signal their location to reinforcements.

If there's any doubt that Miller's gone back to his Mad Max roots, it ends here:  Max's ride getting blasted and rolled by the marauders in an impressive practical stunt.  The whole trailer's filled with this kind of thing, and it sounds like that was a goal from the beginning:  Speaking to the L.A. Times about the film's stuntwork, Miller says, "There are moments of green screen mainly for some landscape, but this is not a green screen movie. We crashed a lot of cars; every stunt was done, if not by the cast then by some very fine stunt men; and it was shot on a real location. I’ve had enough experience with CG to know that you can’t really get some of that immersive material authentic in a way."

Tom Hardy (sporting some unusually-lengthy locks) gets taken prisoner by the marauders...

...and gets branded with his pertinent info.  Notable entries on Max's back include "Road Warrior", Max's blood-type ("O-Negative High Octane / Universal Donor"), "Piss OK" and "Genitas Intact".  So Max has that goin' for him, anyway.

Here's the trailer's first shot of Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.  Blink and you'll miss the robotic arm she's sporting.  We'll get a better look at it later.

And here's one of those CGI landscapes Miller mentioned above.  Famously, Miller began shooting the film in Broken Hill, New South Wales all the way back in 2011, in basically the same spot he'd filmed The Road Warrior three decades prior.  Broken Hill offered up the exact sort of "barren wasteland" look Miller needed for the least, it did:  torrential rains-- the first of their kind in over a decade-- forced the Mad Max 4 production to relocate to Namibia shortly after shooting began. Below, our first look at some of the crafty pimping that's been done to the marauders' rides:  those giant, bendy poles seem to allow the bad guys to climb aboard enemy vehicles, attack from above, and generally combine wackiness with abject terror.

Yeah, "terror."  Have you seen some of these dudes?  Here's the big bad, Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne.  Thirty-five years ago, he played Toecutter in Miller's first Mad Max movie.  He looks a helluva lot more frightening here.

 Here's a few closeup looks at Furiosa's hand/arm.  Check out the wrench!

If I'm not mistaken, this is our first look at Nicholas Hoult's Nux.  He's the guy in white body paint driving the car that Max is now affixed to.

Nux looks like he probably comes from the same group of bandits pictured below, who seem to be worshipping...I dunno, a pile of steering wheels topped off with one giant steering wheel?  In the Mad Max universe, I can totally imagine this being a cult.  Check it out:

Speaking of steering wheels: here's a look at a massive caravan of marauders chasing down...Furiosa?  Max?  Dunno, doesn't matter -- it looks epic and awesome.  The scope of this thing is crazy impressive.  If the film really does maintain the "feature-length chase" setup that we're hearing about, we have to assume Miller's got a ton of vehicular shenanigans up his sleeve.  The latter portion of the trailer is cut with a ton of that kinda thing.

See also:

Below are Furiosa's charges.  Why they're traveling with her and where they're going when they cross paths with Max are still unknown.  They don't seem to be having the same problems with weathered skin the rest of the Outback's having, though, do they?

And here's the point in the trailer where I really started feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing.  I mean, Jesus, just look at how great this shot is:

But, wait -- there's more.  After showing some on-the-road squabbling amongst the marauders/the good guys (or are they fighting among themselves?  Kinda hard to tell for a second there), Miller unleashes this shot, which shows one of the caravan's vehicles being hit by lightning, marauders going everywhere.  That's quickly followed by a shot of a dune buggy driving through what looks a lot like fire-tornadoes (update: Devin tells me the footage shown in Hall H was a little clearer: they're actually tornadoes being kicked around in a dust storm, and an exploding car sucked into one of 'em creates the "fire-torando" effect).  Then even more carnage/cars being destroyed...

We also get a better idea how those "pole-bandits" do their thing, with a shot of the caravan being surrounded by dudes-on-sticks followed by a shot of one of Furiosa's charges being lifted up into the air.  Here's what that looks like:

Then the trailer's all like...

But what do you guys think?  Catch anything I missed?  Share your screencaps below if you caught something worth mentioning.  If you need me, I'll be watching the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer on a loop for the next nine months.  2015 cannot get here soon enough.