Paul Greengrass Developing A Very Paul Greengrass-Sounding movie

Get ready for AGENT STORM: MY (very shaky) LIFE INSIDE AL QAEDA.

We’re always interested in whatever Paul Greengrass is up to next. And according to THR that project could be an adaptation of the book Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA. The story focuses on Morten Storm, an Islamic radical who ends up being a double agent for the CIA, British intelligence, and Danish intelligence, where you basically wiretap bakeries.

Greengrass is developing the project with Captain Phillips producer Scott Rudin at Sony. The book won’t actually get published until September, so it’s one of those deals. Despite the guy’s hard to believe name, it’s all based on a true story. But you knew that already since that’s all Greengrass will touch. If you think the Bourne films are fictional, you just haven’t been asking the right questions man.

There is a chance Greengrass will continue developing this only to pass it off to another director. Nothing is really set in stone yet. But it certainly sounds like a story he’d make the most out of.