THE MAZE RUNNER Gets An Action Packed New Trailer

Evan feels a little lost.

As much as I love dumb puns, I cannot bring myself to call this new trailer for The Maze Runner aMAZing. But I can say it looks pretty intTRIGuing. Unfortunately, that’s not a dumb pun at all. It’s just dumb.

I very recently heard this film’s director refer to The Maze Runner as totally action packed. This trailer actually reflects that once you get past all the talking. You have this crazy maze filled with neat traps and robot insect-looking things. You also have a bunch of trapped boys. And then you get a mysterious lady to come make everything more complicated. That all sounds pretty good. I should be more excited than I am, but it’s just not catching me yet.

What about you? Have any of you read the book? Does anyone get smashed between those closing walls? That’s honestly all I really need to know.