Alex Kurtzman Is Making Universal’s THE MUMMY Reboot

It's going to be the first film in the new Universal Monsters shared universe.

When it became official that Alex Kurtzman - late of Orci & Kurtzman, the most despicable duo since Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole - would be half of the team behind the new Universal Monsters universe it was clear to me that he'd be directing The Mummy. And now it's official - he's directing The Mummy

This is going to be the first film in the new initiative, and many are wondering why Universal is leading with one of their weaker monsters. For one thing the movie has been in development for some time, so that helps. For another, Fox has a Frankenstein project that already filmed, so that field will be crowded coming up. And Universal themselves have Dracula Untold hitting this year, meaning a reboot of that would probably be too soon. And audiences are too close to their reboot of The Wolfman to come back for another round. Why they're not doing The Creature from the Black Lagoon - a property dormant for decades as well as being one of the only original (and non-public domain) monsters - is beyond me. That's how I would have led this new series.

As for my thoughts on Kurtzman directing: whatever. Like I said, I saw this coming from way back. I'm not so particularly invested in The Mummy, and it kind of has to be better than the Indiana Jones knock-offs that my Millennial friends are so inexplicably fond of, although reports are that it's still a fucking action movie. So dumb. It is what it is, said the man broken by the Hollywood studio system's insistence on hiring schmucks.