Confirmed: Frank Darabont Is Directing THE HUNTSMAN

Whether this is good or bad news is up to you.

One of these days I’m finally going to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. I have nothing against the film; I just missed it when it came out theatrically and never caught up with it. From what I hear, it’s pretty boring and forgettable, but who knows? Maybe I’ll love it.

Now I have a feeling the day I finally do watch it will likely arrive some time the week before The Huntsman comes out. Because The Huntsman, a prequel, will be a Frank Darabont film. I usually see those.

And now I also know exactly what week that will be. Universal has announced that the film will come out April 22, 2016. The plot is supposed to revolve around Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron’s characters before Snow White showed up and ruined everything.

There is still going to be a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel that year as well. So 2016 will be the year we finally drown in Huntsman. It’s been a long time coming.