International BIRDMAN Trailer Features More F-Bombs, Topless Michael Keaton

More of Michael Keaton playing an actor who once played a superhero!

Birdman is the mid-budget movie that has a lot of the internet super excited. For the fanboys it's great because Michael Keaton is playing an actor whose past as a cinematic superhero haunts him, and we all love that meta stuff. For the snobbier self-proclaimed cineastes it's great because Alejandro González Iñárritu has directed the film in such a way that it appears to all be one long take. Me? I'm just excited to see Michael Keaton fight Ed Norton. I'm a man of simple tastes.

This new international trailer gives you a better look at the film, including more of Keaton running topless through the streets of New York City, and also gives you a look at the special effects that are a part of Keaton's hallucinations. It looks cool! I'm not a big Iñárritu fan - I respect rather than like his work - but I'm hoping this changes my mind.