Bill Murray To Baloo It Up For Jon Favreau’s THE JUNGLE BOOK

Looks like I just Baloo myself.

While at Comic-Con last week, I discovered that I have unwittingly become BAD’s default writer on all things The Jungle Book. I find this perplexing as I don’t have many strong thoughts on the film. They just keep casting cool people in it.

Today they cast Bill Murray, who happens to be staying at my house right now. I didn’t invite him over, and I really do have some important things to get to, but what am I to do? Do you want to be the person who says no to Bill Murray? Right now we're making paper airplanes. He was just on my phone five minutes saying, "Yeah, sure. I'll do the jungle animal movie."

Anyway, Bill Murray has joined The Jungle Book to play, who else, Baloo. This makes total sense, so long as Baloo is that big bear who was also in that Disney airplane cartoon. He seems pretty Murray-riffic already. Might as well make him Murray-riffic all the way.