Has BOND 24’s Script Been Completely Overhauled?

Double Uh-Oh Seven.

Remember when we talked about how Bond 24 was being pushed to December so longtime 007 screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade could “punch up” the script, and we thought it was kind of weird that a mere dialogue polish would push the schedule back so significantly? Well now Daily Mail Bond Boy Baz Bamigboye is saying the rewrites were maybe a bigger overhaul than initially suggested, his sources going so far as to say the new script is “substantially different” than John Logan’s draft, and that Logan’s work has been “politely moved aside.” Yikes! (And yes, we know it's the Daily Mail, but Bamigboye has a reputation for being on point with this stuff, so for now we'll give the benefit of the doubt.)

As BAD mentioned in June, the norm since 1999 has been that Purvis and Wade’s initial drafts are revised by an outsider (Bruce Feirstein on The World Is Not Enough; Paul Haggis on Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace; John Logan on Skyfall). It will be interesting to see what a reversal of this process ultimately yields. According to ol’ Baz, the script has been turned in, the producers are thrilled, and production is back on track for a November/December start. Sounds like Eon’s employees will be missing those Black Friday stampedes.

Let’s pad this iffy Bond news with some fun nonsense. If you’re in Maryland on the weekend of September 18th, you can get George Lazenby’s autograph and attend a screening of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It’s the same weekend as the start of Fantastic Fest, so rest assured I’m a bit of a mess after that particular Sophie’s Choice.

And this may be nothing, but a source inside Tom Ford claims that Bond 24’s wardrobe department just bought double-digit quantities of the below jacket. A purchase of that volume usually means the piece is featured in an action/stunt-heavy sequence. Pure speculation on BAD's part, but something in which to hit the slopes, maybe?