Ridley Scott’s March 2016 Date Will Not Go To PROMETHEUS 2, After All

And it's not even the same date anymore. Everything we know is wrong!

Earlier this year, an untitled Ridley Scott film was slated to open March 2016. A lot of people assumed it was for Prometheus 2. Maybe they loved Prometheus 1. Maybe they just have high hopes for what Prometheus 2 could bring. Either way, the overlap is large, and it turns out that between morons, masochists, and people who just look cool visuals, there is a ton of interest in Prometheus 2.

So today's news may be a bit disappointing for some. March 2016 will see the release not of Prometheus 2 but instead the incredibly cool-sounding Matt Damon film, The Martian. Except now it's no longer March 2016. The whole reason we even have this news story is because Box Office Mojo reported a release date change to November 25, 2015.

For those who don’t remember, The Martian (based on the novel by Andy Weir) tells the story of a non-Martian astronaut who must quickly learn to fake it 'till he makes it as a Martian when his crew abandons him on the red planet for four years. He does so by befriending a volley ball.

While I’d love to see what happens next for feisty scientist lady and headless robot guy, I really do think this sounds like a better film overall. We’ll just have to wait for Prometheus 2 a little longer.