Paul Feig May Direct A Female GHOSTBUSTERS 3

The least worst idea yet.

Sony is dead set on making Ghostbusters 3, and the latest idea they have is to reach out to Paul Feig - who has become the go-to guy for lady movies, as opposed to a lady director - and get him to direct the movie with a majority female cast. Is it a reboot or is it a sequel? Nobody's sure - the trades who have been competing to report this story seem to have no functional idea what a 'reboot' even is - but it sounds like Dan Aykroyd may be on screen, so it's a sequel. 

There's no reason Ghostbusters 3 should exist at all (except money), but I guess Paul Feig and an estrogen-heavy team makes me roll my eyes the least. It's new. That said, why not just give Feig and his cast the money to make an all-new supernatural comedy instead of having him dig up this musty old corpse?

Or how about give the female Ghostbusters movie to a female director? Gillian Robespierre is probably ready for the next step, and she has the important qualificiation of being a New Yorker. And before anybody wonder about going from Obvious Child to Ghostbusters, not many people were worried about Colin Treverrow going from Safety Not Guaranteed to Jurassic World

No deals are signed, but Feig was retweeting people talking about him taking the job, so it sounds like it could be truly happening. Now we just have to think of a clever riff on the title to let everybody know this time it's dames.



Lady Ghostbusters?