Friggin’ With The Riggins: Taylor Kitsch Up For RAID Remake

Still not cast: a reason for remaking THE RAID.

I guess if you're going to remake The Raid (ugh why would you remake The Raid?) you could do worse than cast intense young Friday Night Lights and John Carter alum Taylor Kitsch in the lead role. Of course you could do better, because you could scour the earth for a martial artist who could also act, but then you'd probably be making a real remake of The Raid and I'm assuming this movie's going to be another tedious shooter. FIlled with lame-ass character bits and more love story and more scenes between the two brothers.

Look, I'm not trying to hate on The Raid remake and I know that some remakes are good, but I just don't see the point. The Raid is perfect, and any American version is almost by definition going to remove the silat that made the Indonesian original so arresting. Without that expert fight choreography The Raid is actually fairly generic; it's like remaking Monty Python and the Holy Grail without any of the jokes. Yeah you could, but why? I should be more positive because the team at XYZ Films are friends and are back to produce but I remain so fucking skeptical of this remake's basic existence. 

Anyway, it's possible Kitsch won't even take the role. He's also up for a lead in True Detective season two, which would shoot at the same time. I'm betting this story hit the trades in an attempt to goose negotiations with HBO.